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A talk with Jules /


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01/01/1970 | 03:00

A talk with Jules

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Jules is one of the young guns on the Peter Lynn team, and certainly one to keep an eye on!

We had a little chat with him after capturing a sesh on the 2015 Escape.

Read on and check out the video below!

Q1)  So tell us a bit more about yourself:

Hi guys,

My name is Jules, living in the Netherlands and kiting for 4 years now. I spent all my spare time on the water or in the gym. I like every discipline in kiteboarding, no matter if I go for a freestyle session, getting some nice oldschool tricks, hit the waves in a downwinder or pulling big kiteloops in the storm, I love it all. Especially when I’m kiting with some other young guns. Pushing each other, learn a lot and get the most fun out of a session, that’s what kiteboarding is all about for me!

Q2)  How long have you been on the team and what kites do you ride?

In 2011 I joined the Peter Lynn family, and still very happy with this relationship.

My first kite was a Peter Lynn trainer kite to learn how to fly (about 8 years ago). Now i’m riding the Peter Lynn Swell. For sure the Swell is a kite for riders like me: good pop, nice bar pressure and a smooth drift. I love riding overpowered, especially with my 9 meter in 30 knots; perfect combination for kiteloops. The Swell performs well in heavy conditionsm because it has only 3 struts.

Q3) You did really well at the competition. Tell us a bit more on how it went?

The dutch nationals were great for me. I’m 15 years old now and the compitition is for riders untill 15 years, so this was the last time I could participate.

The wind was slowly picking up during the day. Started with my 12 meter. Won my first heat. My second heat was also a good one so I became first again. In the quarter finals I had a complicated heat versus other upcoming riders like Stig Hoefnagel and Sil Romeijn. The wind was getting stronger and stronger (around 25/30 knots) so it was time for some good old kiteloops on my 9 meter! Had an awesome heat and became first again. Then I had to ride against Vetea Boersma, an American boy from Hood River (dutch father). We were both riding well but he landed a handlepass witch I didn’t landed… Vetea won the heat so I had to ride the loserfinal and fight for the third place. At that moment I was very disapointed I couldn’t make it anymore to the first place. My mom pushed me and let me realize that I had to get the most out of it. So I rode the losersfinal and won the heat easily.

Ended up third, same as last year. But with a much higher level and hard conditions I’m happy with my result this year. Congrats to my friend Joris Herrewijnen for getting the second place (we kite a lot together) and to Vetea Boersma for winning the event this year! Big thanks to my mother who supports me at every time.

I’m also thankfull to my sponsors for getting me on the water with the best gear: Peter Lynn Kitesports, Underground Kitesports and Kitesurfcentrum Brouwersdam.

A nice surprise from the organisation; all the winners had won a masterclass from my alltime favorite kiter; Kevin Langeree!

Q4)  What are your plans for the rest of the season?

It’s getting colder here in Holland. This doesn’t get me out of the water! We currently have some atumn storms here, love it! untill the christmas holiday I’ll train as much as I can here in Holland. At christmas I’ll go to Austria for another passion of me; snowboarding. After that I’ll return to train if it isn’t getting to cold in the Netherlands. In Febuary I’ll fly to Tarifa for 10 days of training, looking forward for that trip!

Q5)  What is your favourite trick at the moment? Or what are you working on learning?

My favourite trick is still the kiteloop. Getting massive hights and pull your kite as low as you can gives me the most beautiful feeling in the world!

I’m currently working on my blind judge (handlepass) and performing my back to blind and s-bend to blind.


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A talk with Jules

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